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I am a retired community college educator and librarian. I have a B.A. in History and also an M.S. from USC in Library Science. Both degrees have been of exceptional value in my life long study of the American West and Indian Wars in general. I have an extensive Indian Wars cavalry collection including a Custer Era carbine. I lived in Germany for two years in the 1960’s teaching English at the Berlitz School. I also developed an interest in German history during my stay.

As a result of an invitation from Michael Hickey, the publisher of Wyatt Earp and Tombstone books, I also have developed a great interest in Tombstone history and attend a rendezvous there every year.

My first published short story was "The Treasure of Custer Hill" published by London Mystery Selection; a Quarterly Anthology of Original Thrillers in their 1979 issue. This short story is reprinted in my second book Custer's Ghosts and Custer's Gold by Upton and Sons. My other publications are Where the Custer Fight Began; Under Manned and Overwhelmed the Reno Fight. My first book was A Guidebook to U.S. Army Dress Helmets. This year I published my first novel Custer Must Die, A Story of His Assassination. This novel is the completion of twenty years and two unpublished novels on the same idea.

I have published three periodical articles; one on a uniform worn at the Rosebud in American Military Heritage Magazine, "This Gun Didn't Run; a carbine fired 39 times at the Little Big Horn" in Man at Arms Magazine, October 2011, and "John Martin's Carbine" in Wild West Magazine, June 2013.

I have toured and researched the Little Big Horn Battlefield, including a horseback tour of the Reno battlefield and its associated area.

I am a long time member of the Little Big Horn Associates and the Custer Battlefield Preservation Committee. I am an active member of the Western Writers of America and Mystery Writers of America. I also belong to the Wild West History Association which introduced me to Billy the Kid in their Lincoln, New Mexico convention.