Donald W. Moore

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This work covers an often neglected aspect of the Custer Fight––Major Reno's attack on the village. Reno has often be portrayed as losing the entire battle or as a coward.
A farm boy took Dr. Henry Porter to meet a steamboat. Dr. Porter told him that he examined Custer at the Little Big Horn and found a derringer bullet in his head. There have been legends since that Colonel Custer killed himself or was killed by someone else during the battle.

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Custer Must Die, a Story of his Assassination

A Crow scout, in fact, his friend Curley claimed that Slade was like a wild mountain lion, and pointed to one of the fort's cats. "Have you noticed friend Slade, that when you walk up on a house cat that seems to be sleeping, one eye always pops open. Their ancestors were hunters, so they have to be ready, know what's happening around them and be fully awake when threatened. Cats hunt other animals and other animals hunt them. You are like that."

Slade had a good reputation as a scout but no one knew that Slade was a graduate of West Point.