Donald W. Moore

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This work covers an often neglected aspect of the Custer Fight––Major Reno's attack on the village. Reno has often be portrayed as losing the entire battle or as a coward.
A farm boy took Dr. Henry Porter to meet a steamboat. Dr. Porter told him that he examined Custer at the Little Big Horn and found a derringer bullet in his head. There have been legends since that Colonel Custer killed himself or was killed by someone else during the battle.

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Where the Custer Fight Began; Undermanned and Overwhelmed, The Reno Valley Fight

Major Reno has been accused of cowardice in the Valley fight. Many persons now and then feel that if he had held the woods long enough the Sioux and Cheyenne would have massed around him to defend their village and Custer would have been saved or even victorious. Possibly by holding his position in the Valley Custer might have been given enough time to strike the village from the flank even at the risk of wiping out his own command.