Donald W. Moore

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This work covers an often neglected aspect of the Custer Fight––Major Reno's attack on the village. Reno has often be portrayed as losing the entire battle or as a coward.
A farm boy took Dr. Henry Porter to meet a steamboat. Dr. Porter told him that he examined Custer at the Little Big Horn and found a derringer bullet in his head. There have been legends since that Colonel Custer killed himself or was killed by someone else during the battle.

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Where the Custer Fight Began; Undermanned and Overwhelmed, The Reno Valley Fight
In researching the book I rode on horseback over the battlefield and decided that Reno was not a coward, but was correct in retreating. There is a good section on the skirmish line which was shorter than assumed, and artifacts which were found on the battlefield.

Custer Must Die, a Story of his Assassination
After hearing several rumors Libbie Custer hires a Major James Culhane of the JAG to investigate the death of her husband and whether the body was actually returned to West Pont. Culhane finds a suspect and he a scout follow him to Arizona where the assassination may involve President Ulysses S. Grant and the Indian Ring.